GroundingWell™ Bundle

GroundingWell™ Bundle

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Our GroundingWell™ Bundle is ideal for anyone wanting to stay grounded anytime of the day - whether it's during the day with the GroundingWell™ Mat or while you sleep with the GroundingWell™ Bedsheet.

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    Ground Yourself & Feel Amazing Immediately

    Grounding is everywhere in our lives. The electrical appliances we rely on to live our lives would catch fire and explode if they weren’t grounded, due to a lack of electron balance. 

    From the outside, the effects of being ungrounded may be hidden, but internally, there's a dangerous reaction taking place within our bodies, as excess electrons from electronic devices have nowhere to escape, they wreck havoc on our cells & internal functioning. 

    By connecting your body to the earth’s natural healing energy through the GroundingWell Mat, the earth’s healing electrons enter your flesh and cells, neutralizing the harmful effects of external electrical interference, almost instantaneously.

    How Does Grounding Improve Your Health?

    Improve Sleep, Lower Stress & Anxiety

    Grounding has been proven to lower cortisol levels, fight insomnia, reduce morning fatigue and increase daytime energy levels.

    Improve Digestion

    Lowering inflammation in the digestive system along with better blood circulation throughout the body will help remove harmful toxins and improve overall digestion.

    Reduce Pain & Inflammation

    Studies have shown connecting to the earth improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

    Save Money

    Inflammation, pain, stress, sleep, digestion relief can all be found over the counter at your local chemist. These all come at a price, not just from your wallet but your overall health and well being.​