GroundingWell™ Fitted Sheet

GroundingWell™ Fitted Sheet

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Key Features

Experience the Earth's Healing while sleeping


Recharge Overnight

Ground yourself overnight to reap the Earth's remarkable healing powers that may just be the single most effective medicine available.


Works for all ages

Grounding is safe and works for everyone, no matter the age. It's a 100% naturally occurring phenomenon and works identically to stepping outdoors barefoot.


Premium Skin-Friendly Materials

We use the best organic cotton available that is finely threaded with pure silver. This blend has been dermatologically tested to ensure no irritation to those even with the most sensitive skin.

Sizing & Product Info

✓ Twin (39" x 84")
✓ Full (54 x 80")
✓ Queen (60" x 80")
✓ King (78" x 80")
✓ Californian King (72" x 84")

95% Organic Cotton
5% Conductive Silver Woven Fabric

Calming green

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Geraldine's Grounding Story

Geraldine has been waking up between 2 - 8 times a night, every single night, for the last 10 years.

Not only did her insomnia disturb her sleep, she also suffered from anxiety and a general decline in wellbeing.

Although initially skeptical, she decided to try our products and she describes her results as "miraculous"

Hear her story in the video

barefoot people on grass with overlayed definition of grounding in terms of earth and electrons

What is Grounding?

"Earthing" or "grounding" is like plugging into the Earth's natural energy. It's the practise of connecting physically with the Earth, often by walking barefoot on grass or soil.

Earthing lets us tap into the Earth's mild negative charge to top up on energy and rebalance our body’s systems, which are by nature bioelectrical.

Our modern lifestyles insulate us from this energizing ground force. Imagine it like recharging your life's battery. Read on for benefits of earthing...

Grounding indoors with a Grounding Sheet

The GroundingWell Bedsheet transfers the Earth's electrons into your bed through the grounding cable in your wall. This allows you to receive the nurturing benefits of grounding during the comfort of your night's sleep.

This connection instantly stops dirty electricity from flowing through your body's cells, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing night's sleep. During this time, your body's healing & regenerative processes are at their natural maximum, maintaining a state of electrical neutrality.

4.95/5 by 200+ happy customers

Better Sleepers Everywhere


"Stopped getting shocks"

Daughter got me one of these for me a few weeks ago and she said it was to help me sleep. Thought it was strange at first but I was blown away because now I definitely sleep a lot better and stopped getting electric shocks whenever I touch the metal lamppost to flick off the switch at night. Wish I knew about this earlier!

James C.


"Less pain!"

I've had arthritic pain in my knees and legs for 2 years now and after sleeping on these bedsheets I am amazed at how much better I feel when I wake up in the morning when the pain is usually worst, my mood is a lot better because of it. I hope it keeps getting better.

Christina B.


"More relaxed and my dog enjoys it too"

I have been using the bedsheet for a week now and got the best, most restful healing sleep every night and wake up feeling amazing. My dog seems to really like the smaller grounding mat too and made it his new indoor napping spot.

Hayden F.


"Really improved my sleep"

Going to sleep and waking up was really difficult on my neck and back, and I was constantly stiff!! My neck and back have felt so much better and more relaxed since receiving the sheet set. In the morning, I see a significant improvement, and I've noticed an increase in energy throughout the day as a result.

Diana D.

How it works?

Simple steps to sleep grounded

Step 1

Place the Bedsheet across your bed

Step 2

Plug the Bedsheet into the grounding socket of your electrical outlet

Step 3

Sleep on the Bedsheet making contact with bare skin or a thin layer of clothes

Glowing Testimonials for GroundingWell

Where every night's rest unfolds stories of rejuvenation

Written Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Mike Stephansen
It works

I’ve had lower back issues for over 6 yrs. Rarely, but some days I don’t have pain. But there was always seemed to be pressure that I could feel when I moved. Inflammation I assume. On the very first night of using this grounding sheet I not only slept all night but after I got up the next morning I could bend over and touch my toes and there’s NO pressure. Day 1 I’m hooked. Go watch the movie earthing. It’ll change your life

Mike G.
I love these sheets!

Washed them first and put em right on our bed. Plugged it in to the ground of an outlet and after the first night of the most restful sleep I realized that grounding is very important and is what my wife who suffers from chronic Lyme needed to finally get a restful night sleep. We both have noticed that we remember our dreams more and wake up feeling rested. My aches and pains I have felt in my shoulders and hands has subsided noticably. Definitely getting these sheets for every bed in our house.

Brice B.
great fitted grounding sheet

material looks and feels durable. and it fit my son's double bed perfectly.

Sam L.

I’ve had other grounding sheets and I’m quite fond of them for my sleeping and overall health. This one is a nice great color and it looks great on my king size bed. The sizing is good and the elastic on the corners strong. It arrives with a charging cord that you plug into the bottom part of your outlet and to the sheet. I used a grounding tester I own and the sheet tested great. I added a photo of myself testing the grounding sheet and then the carpet so you can see the difference. As far as sleeping on it - fantastic. I sleep so deep and wake up refreshed. This is an excellent product.

Some tips I’ll share with you - don’t use lotion or anything on your skin like essential oils as they will make the sheet not work anymore. Also careful with face and hair products. I wash with no scent soap in Luke warm water and then line dry to keep the sheet working as long as possible. If it wears out on the side you sleep on try turning it the other way for a while. Hope that helps!

Christy D.
Fits queen-size bed perfectly long cord.

I think this is helping me, too, but my husband has chronic pain and insomnia along with PTSD and ADHD. We try to do things naturally as much as possible, and this grounding sheet is one more arrow in our quiver. I believe I've slept more soundly, but my husband has especially noticed a difference. He doesn't get up nearly as often during night, and this along with CBD oil and hemp cream has helped immensely.