The following is for those individuals who cannot feel a difference with Grounding, and are not receiving the expected improvements.

If you are experiencing this, we hope you will find answers and insights below:

After starting Grounding, most people report feeling and sleeping better. Some feel it immediately within the first night, others find the changes come on more subtly and slowly. Regardless, your body physiology has changed as you are grounded to the Earth.

Some people who are already in great health, and do not surround themselves with electronic devices, may not feel anything major, yet they are benefiting from the innumerable ways that Grounding changes the body.

Biophysicist and Grounding specialist, Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D, says: "[Grounding] seems to slow the inevitable effects of aging and help prevent so-called 'diseases of aging,' all of which are inflammatory conditions. The person with radiant health may take antioxidant supplements to maintain that good health, but these substances have to be absorbed into the circulatory system and carried to the places in the body where they are needed. In contrast, Earthing appears to rapidly deliver its antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body. The leading theory of aging is the free radical theory: cumulative damage from oxygen free radicals causes the process of aging. By neutralizing free radicals whenever and wherever they form in the body, we believe that Earthing can slow down the damage and actually slow the aging process."

Grounding Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure you have a working ground. You can check your ground connection with this tester
  • If using a Grounding Rod, make sure to push the rod deep into the soil. If the ground is dry, you should soak the soil around the ground rod every week to improve conductivity.
  • Avoid plugging it into any power boards or extension cables. Instead, always plug it directly into the wall socket. This will avoid any potential wiring issues present in your power board or extension cables from interfering with the ground connection.
  • Check that the cords are plugged in tight, and has not been broken. We have had reports of people's pets damaging and chewing up the cables, leading to them being ungrounded without realising it.
  • Make sure to contact the product with bare skin instead of through clothing for the best effect.
  • Make sure to have at least a palm sized area of skin touching the product at any given moment.

 Other Grounding Tips:

  • Open your heart to Grounding: Your thoughts and state of mind has a powerful influencer over your body. We have received numerous reports of people who were skeptical and doubting the effects of grounding as they had not felt any difference in a few nights. But after persistance, and a shift in mental attitude from one of doubt, to one of openess and receptivity, they began to notice more and more benefits.
  • Ground for longer: Everyone reacts to grounding differently. Some can feel the benefits within an hour. Most people get the benefits by sleeping grounded each night. Others find that the 8 hours of grounding they get each night may not be enough, as they are ungrounded for 16 hours each day. Especially for those with chronic inflammatory conditions, we recommend grounding as close to 24 hours a day as possible. This can be done by using a sheet for sleep, and a mat for grounding during the day.
  • Consider other lifestyle habits to improve upon: While Grounding has so many science backed benefits, it is not a miracle that can cure all diseases. Other factors like poor diet, stress, lack of sunlight, and other habits can have a big impact on your health. We encourage everyone to make the effort to eat nutrient dense foods like beef, lamb, and organ meats, get plently of sunshine, drink chemical-free water, and avoid heavily processed, sugary foods, while grounding as much as possible, so you can feel your best.