GroundingWell™ Socks - Pakistan

GroundingWell™ Socks - Pakistan

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One size fits all, our conductive grounding socks contain 20% silver fibre, making them highly conductive with strong anti-bacterial and odor resistant properties.

These socks come with a grounding cord which clips on to the connection pin of the sock. Connect this to the grounding socket to enjoy being grounded without needing to touch a specific grounding surface.

Alternatively, they can be used together with the GroundingWell Mat. Simply put them on and place your feet on the GroundingWell Mat to keep warm while grounded.
Sizing & Product Info

One size fits all

80% Nylon
20% Silver Fibres

Care Information:
Cold machine wash with mild detergent

Note: The high silver content makes this sock naturally odor-resistant

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Geraldine's Grounding Story

Geraldine has been waking up between 2 - 8 times a night, every single night, for the last 10 years.

Not only did her insomnia disturb her sleep, she also suffered from anxiety and a general decline in wellbeing.

Although initially skeptical, she decided to try our products and she describes her results as "miraculous"

Hear the story in the video

barefoot people on grass with overlayed definition of grounding in terms of earth and electrons

What is Grounding?

"Earthing" or "grounding" is like plugging into the Earth's natural energy. It's the practise of connecting physically with the Earth, often by walking barefoot on grass or soil.

Earthing lets us tap into the Earth's mild negative charge to top up on energy and rebalance our body’s systems, which are by nature bioelectrical.

Our modern lifestyles insulate us from this energizing ground force. Imagine it like recharging your life's battery. Read on for benefits of earthing...

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